Invest in Your Business With a Charge Your Time Mindset

[A submitted response to a ceoblognation article "21 Entrepreneurs Share Advice To New Entrepreneurs" not selected but still worthy to share.]

3 Steps Before You Buy A Franchise - A Note To a Prospecting Franchisee

We, at Main Street, are sharing a frequently asked question from a person looking to buy a franchise. Franchises are a great way to start a small business but requires careful due diligence and planning.

9 Steps to Setup a Small Business Disaster Plan, Is Your Business Ready?

What keeps a small business owner up at night? Well, before the recent spate of hurricanes, disaster preparedness was not top of the list. But introduce a wicked hurricane or two and suddenly frantic calls to confirm insurance coverages are the...

Lessons For Small Businesses From a Texas Sized Flood

Did I turn off the stove when I left the house today?  Is the same feeling I have when a catastrophic storm barrels down in my direction. Will my insurance cover the expected damage to my business and property?