Is the Golden Age of E-Commerce Over?

For online retailers and affiliate marketers selling physical and digital goods, the June 21, 2018 Supreme Court ruling in the case of South Dakota v. Wayfair, Inc. deserves your close attention. It will have an impact on your profitability going...

Startups Are All the Rage, But What About the Financial Risk?

We glorify startups as a means to fire our bosses or as the ticket to fountains of passive income that will fund six month family beach vacations. We also sing the praise of the startup for the flexibility it provides us to choose the hours we...

Invest in Your Business With a Charge Your Time Mindset

[A submitted response to a ceoblognation article "21 Entrepreneurs Share Advice To New Entrepreneurs" not selected but still worthy to share.]

3 Steps Before You Buy A Franchise - A Note To a Prospecting Franchisee

We, at Main Street, are sharing a frequently asked question from a person looking to buy a franchise. Franchises are a great way to start a small business but requires careful due diligence and planning.

9 Steps to Setup a Small Business Disaster Plan, Is Your Business Ready?

What keeps a small business owner up at night? Well, before the recent spate of hurricanes, disaster preparedness was not top of the list. But introduce a wicked hurricane or two and suddenly frantic calls to confirm insurance coverages are the...

Lessons For Small Businesses From a Texas Sized Flood

Did I turn off the stove when I left the house today?  Is the same feeling I have when a catastrophic storm barrels down in my direction. Will my insurance cover the expected damage to my business and property?